I'm so glad you're here!

Your body is amazing and has a tremendous capacity to heal!


I'm so glad you're here!

Your body is amazing and has a tremendous capacity to heal
Harness Your Body's Innate Healing Power

Relieve Pain
Reduce Stress
Sleep Better
Improve Mobility

Increased Strength
Improved Flexibility
Better Balance
Faster Recovery

Support For Chronic Conditions

And much more...

Spinal Flow® is a gentle, non-invasive healing technique grounded in the science of the central nervous system and the philosophy that the body has amazing self-healing abilities.
A Personal Note...
I have explored a lot of healing modalities over the years, and I can honestly say that Spinal Flow® is the most comprehensive and effective technique I have found. Personally, my flexibility, mobility and postural alignment are better than ever - even with 25 years of Pilates!  The little aches and pains that come with "aging" have disappeared, I sleep better, and a chronic sinus conditioned has cleared. I'm excited to see how Spinal Flow® can help you!
With Love, Carmela
The Studio
This healing sanctuary is located in the beautiful Blue Heron Creek Building in the heart of historic Issaquah. Settled next to a calming creek and beautiful park, the studio is just minutes from I-90 making it an easy and convenient commute from Seattle, Mercer Island, and the Greater East Side communities.

My vertigo cleared up in just one session!

~ Susan R.

It was such a light touch - I didn't realize anything was happening. But the results are amazing!

~ Natalie S.

I have much more mobility in my shoulders - after just a few sessions!

~ Josh S.

You help me connect with my body in a way that no one else does. It makes such a difference. Thank You!

~ Linda P.

I found it very relaxing - and I don't "relax!"

~ Vanessa

    The Method

    Developed by Dr. Carli Axford, Spinal Flow Technique® is a healing modality grounded in the science of the central nervous system and the philosophy that the body can heal itself.

    The practitioner uses a light touch to connect with various points along the spine. These “access points” allow the body to reconnect with its innate healing and self-generating life force. This force flows through the spine as a “spinal wave” and eliminates the blocks to well-being created by the stress of life.

    By eliminating the physical, emotional and chemical blocks created by living life, the spinal wave restores the body’s natural/intrinsic healing life force energy to every cell, organ and system of the body.

    Because your own body is doing the healing, Spinal Flow can help with all types of issues - and it can complement any other wellness care program.

    Clients have experienced these results and more!

    »  Decreased Pain

    »  Increased Mobility

    »  Improved Balance and Posture
    »  Increased Strength

    »  Less Stress and Anxiety

    »  Increased Sense of Well-being

    »  Fewer Headaches

    »  Better Sleep
    »  Freedom From Vertigo

    »  Improved Digestive Issues

    »  Reduced Menopause Symptoms

    »  Weight Loss

    Meet Carmela

    The Body Whisperer

    One of a handful of certified practitioners in Washington state, Carmela Ramaglia is thrilled to bring the Spinal Flow Technique® to the Seattle area. Being of Italian heritage, family is everything. It was a search for a modality to help support - and perhaps even heal - her aging parents that led her to become trained in Spinal Flow.

    This technique dovetails beautifully with the other healing modalities Carmela already practices. She is a second-generation classically trained, certified Authentic Pilates instructor. She has run her award-winning boutique studio Power Within Pilates since 2003, and has been a guest instructor for studios throughout the country.

    In addition, Carmela is the award-winning author of Food Is Not A “Four-Letter” Word and podcast host of the same title. Since 2010, her writing, speaking, coaching around her signature “Happy Calories Don’t Count®” Model have helped women all across the world heal and transform their relationships with food, exercise, their bodies and themselves - thereby allowing them to finally ditch the diet drama and create a body AND a life they love.

    My first Spinal Flow session with Carmela was incredible. She helped my body heal from issues that I hadn't realized were an issue until they were gone! She helped my body heal from issues that I didn't even think were "heal-able" until they healed!! Many hours after the session, I felt peace and grounded, something I hadn't felt in a very long time. My 2nd session, honestly felt life-changing. My spine was making connections with my severely injured hip, something that needed to happen, for YEARS!!! Carmela helped my body make those connections again!! I look forward to my next session! I cannot recommend Carmela and her Spinal Flow Healing Studio enough!!!

    ~ Gloria J.

    I recently enjoyed some much-needed healing from Carmela, owner of Spinal Flow Healing Studio. After one session, the burdensome feelings of stress and anxiety subsided tremendously. I woke up feeling like I could manage the complications of life better. It was a wonderful way to reset my mind, body and soul. If you're experiencing a physical or emotional malady, and need a quiet space to sort things out, then you must check out Spinal Flow Healing Studio. Carmela will take excellent care of you.

    ~ Christine L.

    I have been receiving regular Spinal Flow treatments for almost six months. The changes in my body and mental state have been amazing! I'm much more flexible - without doing any extra Yoga! I'm stronger, my aches and pains are barely noticeable. I feel so much better in my body! I sleep better and I'm feeling happier and more peaceful overall. Carmela is a wonderful practitioner that really holds the space for me to relax and heal. I highly recommend Spinal Flow Healing Studio!

    ~ Maggie J.

      Harness Your Healing Power Within