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My first Spinal Flow session with Carmela was incredible. She helped my body heal from issues that I hadn't realized were an issue until they were gone! She helped my body heal from issues that I didn't even think were "heal-able" until they healed!! Many hours after the session, I felt peace and grounded, something I hadn't felt in a very long time. My 2nd session, honestly felt life-changing. My spine was making connections with my severely injured hip, something that needed to happen, for YEARS!!! Carmela helped my body make those connections again!! I look forward to my next session! I cannot recommend Carmela and her Spinal Flow Healing Studio enough!!!

~ Gloria J.

I recently enjoyed some much-needed healing from Carmela, owner of Spinal Flow Healing Studio. After one session, the burdensome feelings of stress and anxiety subsided tremendously. I woke up feeling like I could manage the complications of life better. It was a wonderful way to reset my mind, body and soul. If you're experiencing a physical or emotional malady, and need a quiet space to sort things out, then you must check out Spinal Flow Healing Studio. Carmela will take excellent care of you.

~ Christine L.

I have been receiving regular Spinal Flow treatments for almost six months. The changes in my body and mental state have been amazing! I'm much more flexible - without doing any extra Yoga! I'm stronger, my aches and pains are barely noticeable. I feel so much better in my body! I sleep better and I'm feeling happier and more peaceful overall. Carmela is a wonderful practitioner that really holds the space for me to relax and heal. I highly recommend Spinal Flow Healing Studio!

~ Maggie J.

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