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Harness Your Body's Innate Healing Power
Sessions and packages
Signature healing session
Booked as semi-private
Allow 30 minutes*
$85 Single - $80 each in a package of 6 ($480)
Packages expire 6 months from date of purchase.

The Signature Healing Session involves a quick check-in with you and your body, then right to the table to maximize the healing treatment.

Deluxe Healing Session
Booked as Private
Allow 60 minutes*
$170 Single - $155 each in a package of 6 ($930)
Packages expire 6 months from date of purchase.

The Deluxe Healing Session offers more time for a healing session, allowing the space to release some of the deeper blocks in a private space.

healing immersive
Full day healing retreat
Allow 5 hours*

The studio is completely booked out for your very special day of self-care. We let your body lead the way to determine the length and frequency of healing sessions. During your breaks, you may stay in the studio to journal or meditate - or take a walk in the park next door and sit by the beautiful creek. Enjoy lunch from any of the nearby restaurants. This full day immersion experience creates the time and space for your body to deeply relax into the healing process and release some of the deepest blocks to your well-being. Booked by practitioner approval.

Reassessment Session
Booked as Private
Allow 60 minutes*
Included in the Healing Session

At the 12th visit, it is time for a formal evaluation of progress. I conduct a follow up Gateway Assessment and Postural Analysis. We will use these objective results, along with your embodied experience, to determine the next course of action to help you achieve your wellness goals.

*Please allow an extra 15 minutes post session before you need to drive anywhere.
By appointment only

Monday - Saturday 
11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Signature And Deluxe Sessions Are Scheduled Monday - Friday
Healing immersion days are scheduled on Saturdays

My vertigo cleared up in just one session!

~ Susan R.

It was such a light touch - I didn't realize anything was happening. But the results are amazing!

~ Natalie S.

I have much more mobility in my shoulders - after just a few sessions!

~ Josh S.

You help me connect with my body in a way that no one else does. It makes such a difference. Thank You!

~ Linda P.

I found it very relaxing - and I don't "relax!"

~ Vanessa

    Harness Your Healing Power Within