Healing Sessions

What to expect

Healing Sessions

What to expect

Harness Your Body's Innate Healing Power
The Initial Visit
(Allow 60 - 75 minutes)
Initial Assessment
The session will begin with a thorough intake process. We will address your intake form and any health concerns and goals you have.
Physical Assessment
Next is the physical exam process – the Gateway Assessment and Postural Analysis. This helps determine areas of potential blockages and misalignments impacting your health.
Discussion of Expectations
I will fully explain the Spinal Flow Technique® – the science, philosophy, how your physical symptoms and goals are addressed within this modality, and how it can support you in your quest for optimal health and well-being.
Healing Treatment (Deluxe Session)
The hands-on healing uses a gentle touch to activate various “access points” along your spine. It is performed while you are fully-clothed, lying comfortably on a massage table. This non-invasive technique allows the body to reconnect with its innate healing and self-generating life force through the central nervous system. This force flows through the body as a “spinal wave” to provide a natural release of tension and eliminate the physical, chemical and emotional blocks to your well-being created by the stress of life.
Post Treatment Feedback
After the deluxe healing treatment, I will offer observations from the session. We will use these insights to develop a care plan to achieve your goals.
Every body is unique
You may - or may not - experience any of the following
Comfort and ease
As the physical, chemical and emotional blockages release from your spine, you may experience greater ease and freedom of movement in your body.
Temporary soreness
As blocks release and alignment shifts, the body’s center of gravity can change causing underused muscles to activate, stretch and work in new ways. This can cause temporary discomfort.
Emotional release
It is not uncommon to experience emotional releases during or after the session. This is an indication that these types of blocks are being cleared. It is normal to feel sadness, joy, relief, even anger and other emotions. The studio is a safe space for you to experience and release any emotions that may arise.
The body’s response to the increased Spinal Wave may lead to a temporary inflammatory reaction.
Energetic Release
The release of physical tension and emotional stress during a session can lead to a greater sense of lightness and emotional freedom.
Joint and ligament adjustments
The release of physical blockages can realign joints and ligaments. Mild discomfort can occur as these tissues and structures adapt to their new positions.
Release of toxins
The healing process can release toxins from body tissues and lead to mild inflammation and temporary discomfort.
Postural Changes
As blocks are released and the body heals, posture may correct itself. There may be a brief period of discomfort as the body adjusts to the new alignment.
Heightened Awareness
As you become more attuned to the sensations in your body, you will develop a heightened sense of body awareness. This will extend beyond the session and empower you to make conscious choices that support your optimal health, vitality, well-being and joy.

My first Spinal Flow session with Carmela was incredible. She helped my body heal from issues that I hadn't realized were an issue until they were gone! She helped my body heal from issues that I didn't even think were "heal-able" until they healed!! Many hours after the session, I felt peace and grounded, something I hadn't felt in a very long time. My 2nd session, honestly felt life-changing. My spine was making connections with my severely injured hip, something that needed to happen, for YEARS!!! Carmela helped my body make those connections again!! I look forward to my next session! I cannot recommend Carmela and her Spinal Flow Healing Studio enough!!!

~ Gloria J.

I recently enjoyed some much-needed healing from Carmela, owner of Spinal Flow Healing Studio. After one session, the burdensome feelings of stress and anxiety subsided tremendously. I woke up feeling like I could manage the complications of life better. It was a wonderful way to reset my mind, body and soul. If you're experiencing a physical or emotional malady, and need a quiet space to sort things out, then you must check out Spinal Flow Healing Studio. Carmela will take excellent care of you.

~ Christine L.

I have been receiving regular Spinal Flow treatments for almost six months. The changes in my body and mental state have been amazing! I'm much more flexible - without doing any extra Yoga! I'm stronger, my aches and pains are barely noticeable. I feel so much better in my body! I sleep better and I'm feeling happier and more peaceful overall. Carmela is a wonderful practitioner that really holds the space for me to relax and heal. I highly recommend Spinal Flow Healing Studio!

~ Maggie J.

    Listen to your body! Tune in and respond accordingly.
    Recommendations include:
    A short walk
    Taking a short, 5-minute walk after your session can help your body integrate the changes.
    Be sure to drink plenty of water. Your body is flushing toxins post treatment. It is not uncommon to notice an increased need for water. Many clients drink up to 3 liters post session.
    Your body may need some downtime to assimilate the adjustments occurring from the healing process.
    Practicing mindfulness can help you stay connected to your body and promote a sense of calm. This may reduce stress and support the healing experience.
    Gentle Movement
    Engaging in gentle, mindful movement encourages circulation and prevents stiffness.
    Avoid overexertion
    While light movement is productive and beneficial, strenuous activities and heavy lifting immediately after a Spinal Flow Session can create more stress and be counter-productive.
    Emotional Care
    Be mindful of emotional shifts and releases that may occur post session. Be sure to engage in activities that support your emotional well-being.
    Prioritize sleep
    Quality sleep is essential for your body’s healing, rejuvenation and recovery.

    My vertigo cleared up in just one session!

    ~ Susan R.

    It was such a light touch - I didn't realize anything was happening. But the results are amazing!

    ~ Natalie S.

    I have much more mobility in my shoulders - after just a few sessions!

    ~ Josh S.

    You help me connect with my body in a way that no one else does. It makes such a difference. Thank You!

    ~ Linda P.

    I found it very relaxing - and I don't "relax!"

    ~ Vanessa

      Harness Your Healing Power Within