Flow in Motion

Your Healing Super Power

Flow in Motion

Your Healing Super Power

Harness Your Body's Innate Healing Power
What is this "Flow?"

"Flow" describes the movement of the body's natural, self-sustaining and regenerating life force. It often appears as a "Spinal Wave." Yet every body is unique in its expression. Often, the Flow can be a barely perceptible change in breath patterns. Sometimes, the Flow can be a very subtle rippling movement up the spine. In other cases, the Flow expresses as significant spinal articulation, movement and stretching. Because the body's wisdom is in charge of the healing process, it is the body itself that expresses the Flow - including how it will look and feel in each and every moment. The appearance of the Spinal Flow can - and will - change from session to session - and even within the same session. This is because the Flow facilitates healing. The Flow releases the spinal blockages that have developed as a result of the physical, emotional and chemical stresses we have experienced in life. As the blockages are released, the body's powerful regenerating life force can move more freely into all parts of the body, and there is a natural change in the appearance of the Flow. As the Flow moves freely, it carries the body's innate healing power to every organ, system and cell of the body.


My vertigo cleared up in just one session!

~ Susan R.

It was such a light touch - I didn't realize anything was happening. But the results are amazing!

~ Natalie S.

I have much more mobility in my shoulders - after just a few sessions!

~ Josh S.

You help me connect with my body in a way that no one else does. It makes such a difference. Thank You!

~ Linda P.

I found it very relaxing - and I don't "relax!"

~ Vanessa

    Harness Your Healing Power Within